• Image of Heavy Meadow (CD)

Anni spent most of last winter writing, demoing and reworking her newest new songs in a tiny little room with her viola, piano and tape recorder back in Chicago.

She couldn't wait to make Heavy Meadow, so she came to New York to work with composer / drummer Devin Maxwell and engineer Matt Boynton and decided to stay. They recorded the album at Matt's studio, Vacation Island in Brooklyn, a studio also used by BAT FOR LASHES, MGMT and GANG GANG DANCE.

If you listen closely to her lyrics, sounds and themes you will see how Anni delights in playing tricks and is a cheeky prankster, even if she is singing about something near and dear to her or sharing her emotionally intimate ideas. “My lyrical sensibilities are now moving away from my more narrative art-songs to straight up hook-based pop lines. I think there is a slightly mischievous streak that has bubbled to the surface in some of my writing. I address dark themes, violence, conflict and agony in a playful way, it's almost like I'm winking at the listener.”

Treading new territory has certainly paid off for Anni and with Heavy Meadow, she’s sure to catch most of you chin strokers off-guard, I bet you a tenner!