• Image of Guards (200g vinyl)

Tell Laura I Love Her? More like Tell Laura I Drugged Her. What we do know of GUARDS is that they formed in New York City when Richie returned from a European tour to a recording studio with nothing in it but a broken electric 12-string guitar and an omnichord. He wrote and recorded a few songs for his little sister to sing on, but ended up singing on the songs himself.
Enlisting the help of his friends (Caroline Polachek of CHAIRLIFT, James Richardson of MGMT, Loren Shane Humphrey of WILLOWZ) and family (little sis Madeline Follin of CULTS) to guest on some songs and they cheekily spread the word without his knowledge via Twitter and the Internet.

So this is where 3 Syllables Records gladly step in. GUARDS are too good a band to ‘just’ be slapped on your MP3 player, and lost somewhere between GENESIS and GYPSY KINGS (not guilty) in your iTunes library - stuck somewhere in the unfathomable virtual cosmos of your bookmarks to never be found again.